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Flower of the Month of August
Aug 01

Looking for a natural mood creator for your home? the hydrangea is an excellent choice. A name like Hydrangea give you an instant five star summer feeling.

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Flower of the Month--The sunflower
Jul 03

We’re letting the queen of the summer flowers shine this month. With its optimistic appearance, the sunflower is the ideal candidate for some extra celebrations. 

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Flower of the Month of June : The Peony
Jun 12

It’s June, and that means it’s time for the gorgeous peony. This beauty will be shining in many vases this month, but can also be seen extensively in bridal bouquets and striking centrepieces.

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In and Out Plant
May 18

Merging indoors and outdoors and making the garden into a second home, or extending your interiors outwards, is a popular trend.

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